Mountain Guide

Mountain Guide's purpose is to inspire, guide and enable organisations to accelerate innovation, transformation and growth. 


We provide strategic innovation consulting services focused on research, strategy, design, and innovation delivery, along with extensive experience in the financial services industry.

We are passionate about working with organisations to create innovative, customer focused solutions that deliver  outstanding value for their customers and their organisations.


With our HQ in beautiful Brisbane we service Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide.


Our  services are available in-person, and online enabled by  leading cloud-based video communication, collaboration and research technologies.

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Andrew Nicholson


Andrew was inspired by strategy and design thinking in the late 2000’s and has since passionately applied  his knowledge and expertise to create innovative customer focused solutions  in corporate roles in Business  and Customer Strategy, Product Development, Customer Service, and Analytics and Insights. 

A business trip to  San Francisco  and Silicon Valley  ignited his passion for  innovation and technology, being exposed to California’s infectious ‘dream big’ mindset and culture of innovation.


Andrew has a passion for  helping organisations  innovate, transform and grow.  He is a customer driven thought leader with a strong commercial focus, ability to understand a market, develop a vision and  execute on a plan.

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