Business model innovation:  powering the new generation of super funds


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In an industry largely characterised by super funds with a single brand coupled with a dedicated trustee, an innovative alternative "Independent Trustee Model" is being provided by financial technology and infrastructure company, Sargon.

"We have reimagined how funds and financial products can be operated in a dynamic, highly regulated environment, so our clients can focus on what matters most – their investors and growth", as per Sargon.   


Sargon provides superannuation 'trustee infrastructure' as a service, which includes a combination of technology, financial licences, trustee, corporate trust and responsible entity operations, and industry expertise, to clients including super fund entrepreneurs, promoters and marketers.


Sargon holds a number of operating licences in financial services through its wholly owned subsidiaries. The licences allow them to issue a variety of financial products.  Sargon's trustee boards include Diversa Trustees, Tidswell Financial Services and Responsible Entity Partners which provide trustee services for numerous APRA regulated superannuation funds.


With the 'trustee infrastructure' being provided as a service, Sargon's clients are able to focus on the design and promotion of their superannuation funds.


In contrast to a focus on the needs of a specific industry or employer group, a number of these new generation superannuation funds enabled by Sargon, are designing and promoting offerings to meet the needs of customers who are driven by a completely different set of drivers, including:

  • People who want to change the world, and for causes that they believe in

    • Good Super, Grow Super, Future Super, mobiSuper, and Zuper Super.

  • Students and Young professionals

    • Student Super, and Professional Super.

  • The Young and Tech Savvy

    • Grow Super, Spaceship Super, and Zuper Super.

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