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AI, avatars and virtual assistants are becoming more engaging, more sophisticated and more prevalent providers of customer service.  Here are two great examples that are leading the way.

New York head quartered neo-insurer "Lemonade" provides engaging artificial intelligence bots called Maya and Jim in their App to deliver fast, simple and transparent Home, Renter and Pet Insurance: "90 seconds to get insured", and "3 minutes to get paid".

Powered by artificial intelligence the virtual assistant or chat-bot interaction is of the conversational social chat style delivered in a very engaging,  personal and friendly way.  The insurance application and claim processes are straight forward, easy to complete and provide the right level of options and choices for the mobile channel.  

In addition to the virtual assistant interaction the insurer has also included other innovative features in the offering, including charging for its services via a flat fee, and giving back what's left (from the claim amount) "to causes you care about".


Definitely worth a look at the video of the Lemonade App in action at

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Westpac has introduced 'Wendy', "a computer generated 'digital human' ... as part of its growing exploration into the use of artificial intelligence, virtual avatars and digital transformation".


Initially Wendy is being used as a "digital job coach", but in the future may be applied to "other financial education roles, such as helping people with savings ... "


Three AI technology providers are being used to power Wendy, including IBM Watson, Google Cloud Services and NZ start-up platform Soul Machines.


You can meet Wendy for yourself and share a conversation at

For further information: Westpac Wire 15 March 2020 "Meet Wendy Westpac's latest AI recruit".

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