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Zurich Insurance is in its second year of running the Zurich Innovation Championships - "one of the largest start-up innovation competitions in the insurance industry".

The competition offers start-ups the opportunity to work with Zurich to potentially grow their start-up business on a global scale, to pitch locally and then internationally, their "technologies and innovative business models that tackle challenges around climate, health, automation and other issues".

As per Gold award winner Chisel AI founder Ron Glozman: "If you are an insurtech startup with a strong business case, the Zurich Innovation Championship provides a global stage to showcase your solution and get invaluable feedback from an insurance industry leader.”

Further information: Zurich Australia media release 31 January 2020 and

In addition to start-up competitions, Zurich Insurance has also partnered with the city of Zurich in HackZurich, one of Europe's largest hackathons where competitors have just 48 hours to prepare and then present their solutions.

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