Super in houses, and putting Australia first

Superestate superannuation fund has a unique investment offering and notes in their product information that they are "the only super fund focusing on residential property". When you join the fund you can choose for "a percentage of your super to be invested in Australian real estate. Yes - actual houses!", and you can check out the actual houses at

Superestate offers three investment options, being Balanced Essentials, Balanced Property, and Growth Property, and when you join the fund you must choose an option as there is no MySuper default option. All three options are diversified investments, and offer specified levels (SAA) of investment in Australian residential property:

  • Balanced Essentials - 10% in Australian residential property

  • Balanced Property - 25%

  • Growth Property - 50%.

For another unique investment offering, among super fund mobiSuper's range of diversified investment options is an option that enables you to "put Australia first today and into the future". The True Blue option only invests in Australian listed securities such as Australian shares, Australian listed property trusts, Australian bonds and cash. MobiSuper does not include a MySuper default option, so members must choose an investment option(s) when they join the fund.

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