Superannuation for the young and tech savvy

Both SpaceshipSuper and GROWSuper have offerings which appeal to young people, and to their interest in using and investing in Technology. Spaceship Super notes that "Young people have changed, but their Super hasn’t. We consider that old super funds are dramatically out of touch with what young people demand, need and want from their finances." With this in mind Spaceship's offering aims to provide a simple way to manage the future, all from a phone or laptop. Their flagship investment option GrowthX is a diversified option with a "focus on global technology companies". The Spaceship offering does not include a MySuper default option, so members must choose an investment option(s) when they join the fund. GROW Super also aims to provide an offering that is simple and easy to use - an offering that is more like the iPhone than the Nokia phone, and notes that "If you can hook up via an app, check your bank balance via an app, and vote via an app...oh wait, you can’t do that yet...then having your superannuation on an app just makes sense." With the "GROW Super app in your hands" you can then invest in "things that matter to you" of up to 15 per cent of your super across a range of sectors including: - start-ups, - sustainability, - technology, - property, and - green industries. Further information:



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