Technology-led Banking helping provide a frictionless customer experience

"Tech-led banking not bank led-tech" is one of the founding principles of "Up", Australia’s first fully cloud-hosted bank. Up is a software application owned by "Up Money", a subsidiary of Bendigo Bank. Up was one of the early neo bank offerings in Australia, with an aim to "simplify peoples’ lives and help them to create financial freedom through technology, innovation and creativity" as per Ferocia and Up Co-Founder, Dom Pym.

The Up offering includes features such as:

  • Easy As - Join in minutes .. get ApplePay, GooglePay and SamsungPay ...

  • Get on top of your spending - including auto-spend categorisation, insights into your spending habits, track what you spend at specific brands and shops ...

  • Pay Mates and Kill Bills - Get paid to your personalised $Upname, "Life is a conversation" ...

  • Bank smarter, not harder - Hands full? Just ask Siri to move some money ...

As per Ferocia and the other Up Co-Founder, Grant Thomas, “In order to deliver a completely different banking experience, we needed to approach this with a completely different cultural play to the industry”.

Further details: and Bendigo Bank Media Release 9 October 2018.

Image credit: Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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